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OC League of Nations:TDF
Name: Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego or Fernando Muñoz Gonzalez
Age: 131 (looks like 5 years old)
Appearance: Brown smooth hair and brown eyes. His skin is  pale and the true is: he is adorable.
Personality: Is...tsundere and a bit lazy.It's easy for him to become angry and somtimes can be really annoying.But he can be a good kid too.
He loves football,tea,penguins, the sea lions and the snow.
Is a mama's boy XDD He just loves his mother that much
Is his hero. He wants to become like him when he growp up.
:iconkairauzume:KairaUzume 2 0
Literature horrible.
Viernes 18
     Martín tuvo que leer la nota miles de veces para poder ser capaz de darse cuenta de lo que quería decir: Francia había invadido España y este ultimo había pedido a sus colonias que sigan leales a el.
    El ya había escuchado bastantes cosas acerca de el temido ejercito franceses y entendía que en estos momentos Señor Antonio no pudiera venir a visitarlo con la misma frecuencia. Aunque estaba empezando a pensar que talvez no necesitaba la ayuda de España, en  el aspecto militar claro esta.¿O acaso el no se había enfrentado a los ingleses el solo?
Sin embargo decidió hacer lo que el señor España dijera y esperar a que la situación se aclare.
Sábado 19
   -El pueblo es que esta pidiendo esto, por favor, seria bueno realizar al menos una reunión, un Cabildo Abierto para que podemos discutir esta situación -eso fue l
:iconkairauzume:KairaUzume 3 12
League of Nation: Argentina
Name:Martin Gonzalez
Age: Almost 200 (but he looks 18)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 9 of July
Personality and Interests: He have a BIG ego and is a bit  stubborn.He thinks everybody is in love of him or is jealous of his awesomeness. He worried a lot for his brothers and sisters but he don't show it too often. If he likes a person he gets sticky and cares a lot of that someone.
He loves football(soccer),cows,tango,chacareras,empanadas,meat,cows,tennis,rugby,his family,sheeps,asados,MATE, i said cows no?.   OH   and bother England
Appearance: He is 1.75 cm and have brown eyes and brown hair.
Spain or Papa
There was a time when he really didn't like Antonio but now they have good relationships.
Although he didn't forget what he did to him in the past.
Chile or boluda
Yes,they have arguments and disagreements  but in the end he cares about his sister and worried if something bad happend to her.
Sometimes their fig
:iconkairauzume:KairaUzume 3 21


hobbit pile by SpadeRabbit66 hobbit pile :iconspaderabbit66:SpadeRabbit66 278 50 Crime and Punishment -4koma- 1 by ItaLuv Crime and Punishment -4koma- 1 :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 397 71 Dreamworks icon by xWatchxMexDancex Dreamworks icon :iconxwatchxmexdancex:xWatchxMexDancex 169 26
Make The Perfect APH OC
Hello there! xXimmaeatjooXx here with the template for making the perfect APH OC! And yes, making an OC for APH WILL in fact require you to do RESEARCH. So here, as long as you do the proper research and fill this out you should have no problems making a great OC! <3
AND REMEMBER: You must have some sort of fact to support all your reasoning! This way no one could ever label your OC a Mary-Sue. Make sure that your OC's Country and your crush's Country have some sort of interaction!!
Representing Country:
Human Name:
Gender-Bended Name:
Eye Colour:
Hair Colour:
Common Animals:
National Flower:
What does your nature look like?:
Is there anything on your character that represent things in your land?:
(example; America's glasses represent Texas and his Cowlick represents Nantucket)
Who Raised You?:
Has Anyone Invaded Your Vital Regions?:
(people yo
:iconxximmaeatjooxx:xXimmaeatjooXx 205 87
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...tengo hambre
Primero...¡VAMOS LEONAS! Son unas capas.MIERDA HOLANDA
Segundo...ya esta...odio al Argentina rubio(lo tenia que escribir)
Tercero...Avatar la serie....ya esta en camino a convertirse en mi futura obsesion D


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